Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free Webinars, CCSS, Digital Bloom's Taxonomy and a Giveaway!

So today has been a day of learning for me! This afternoon I "attended" (aka sat in my bedroom in front of my laptop) my first webinar from SimpleK12. One of my teacher friends told me about their site & that she had signed up for 4 free webinars. And you know how much I love free things, so I had to check it out! (And so should you!!)

Today SimpleK12 was hosting 4 Common Core State Standards webinars. I signed up for "Flipping Your Classroom and Teaching the Standards" which was presented by Catlin Tucker. I love learning from other teachers & sharing ideas, and doing so from home was an added bonus! Catlin was great & discussed how to use technology in ways that lessen instructional time & provide more time for students to be hands on learners. She also shared with us this awesome pyramid! It's the Digital Version of Bloom's Taxonomy. LOVE IT!
Another benefit from attending webinars from SimpleK12 is that the notes from the presentation are typed & available for you to save & print! If you're interested in the notes from the webinar, check out Crystal Kirch's blog Flipping with Kirch to take a peak at what was discussed! (While you're there, check out the rest of her blog! She discusses the experiences she's had while "flipping" her classroom!) Have any of you "flipped" your classrooms? I'd love to hear about it!

So since I was so excited/nervous about the Common Core State Standards, I thought about how I could organize all the standards I need to know (since I will be teaching 3rd, 4th & 5th grade resource room in the fall!) and make sure I am meeting those standards when planning lessons for my students. And this is what I created:

What do you think? I plan to print it out, hole punch it & place it in my lesson plans binder so I always have them on hand while I am planning! As you can see, I've only made the 3rd grade CCSS version, but I plan on making it for 4th & 5th grade VERY SOON! **UPDATE!: 4th Grade version now available at my TpT Store! Hopefully this will help me organize all the standards =) If you're interested, you can go check it out at my TpT Store!

One last thing! MrsMc over at Buzz Buzz Buzz! is having her anniversary giveaway! There are tons of awesome prizes, so make sure you enter! =)


  1. Thanks for shouting out my giveaway!! :-)


  2. I love the CCSS Tracker! I am a resource room teacher for K-6th grade! Now if I can find handy dandy trackers like this for all the other grades I would be in heaven!


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